The book by James A. Ziegler, CSP

New Millennium Edition

So many people live quietly desperate lives, working at jobs they hate... living in fear of poverty... struggling to stay ahead... just trying to pay their bills one more month in a row.

You can't count on the government, your retirement funds, or your personal savings to make it to the end. Chances are, when the time comes, your children will not be willing or able to carry you financially. The Prosperity Equation is about mastering your destiny and ensuring a great quality of life long after your productive years.

Today, Jim Ziegler, husband, father, corporate president, world-class professional speaker, author and self-made millionaire challenges you to answer this question...

"Why Aren't You Rich?"

The Prosperity Equation


Table of Contents
Listen to Chapter 1
The Pillars of Prosperity

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James A. Ziegler, CSP
The Prosperity Equation

Table of Contents:


James A. Ziegler narrates Chapter 1


The four inseparable ingredients that complete
The Prosperity Equation:

  1. Attitude: It will make or break you
  2. Desire: That feeling in your very being that tells you that there is something more out there
  3. Work Ethic: The will to put in the required amount of time to reach your goals
  4. Competency: You need to know what you know and be the expert

These four "Pillars" depend on each other...


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